Griff Furst

griff furst

griff furst

Griff Furst serves as creative director, providing Active Entertainment with a variety of talents, which help to drive the firm’s creative activities.

Griff provides production oversight, often serving as the firm’s on set representative, working with directors, DP’s and crew to offer assistance and be the company’s eyes and ears on set. He also works with the company’s outside writers to help shape screenplay development. In this capacity, he is able to help Active Entertainment deliver production values that are superb.

Mr. Furst also serves as a director and actor on various projects for the company. He directed the recent releases of “Maskerade” and “Swampshark” in addition to 2008’s “Wolvesbayne.” He has notable film and television credits as actor, director and producer as well, including “I Love You Phillip Morris,” starring Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor.

Griff also lends his hands in acting workshops as a teacher on a frequent basis to share his skill and expertise with other fellow thespians.

Mr. Furst is originally from Van Nuys, California and now resides in Lafayette, Louisiana.