ken-badishKen Badish has been involved in the development, finance, production, acquisition and distribution of hundreds of motion pictures over the last twenty years.

Badish’s activities have ranged from senior corporate positions for companies including HBO and as a Senior Vice President of Blockbuster Inc., where he served as President of Blockbuster’s DEJ Productions subsidiary. In addition, his owned and operated corporation, Active Entertainment, has been involved in the production, acquisition and distribution of feature films to global markets for over twenty years.

Mr. Badish has been a prolific producer, producing two or more movies per year over the past 15 years. Starting with the uproarious 1990 comedy, “Ski School”, Badish produced a string of comedies including “Meatballs 4,” as well as two movies featuring Jim Varney in the role that made him famous, “Ernest Goes to Africa” and “Ernest In the Army”.

Over the last eight years, Badish’s Active Entertainment has produced and distributed over 20 feature films in association with NBC Universal and the Syfy channel. The firm’s production locations ranged from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Bulgaria, and Romania. Its cast of stars includes Judd Nelson, Robert Picardo, Treat Williams, William Forsythe, F. Murray Abraham, Kristy Swanson, Rachel Hunter, Dean Stockwell and numerous other talented actors.

In 2008, Active Entertainment expanded its reach and capabilities with the creation of three separate Louisiana based companies-Activity Film Services, a film studio, Sweetpost Productions, a postproduction and visual effects firm, and Bullet Films for production activities. Badish’s Louisiana companies have produced fifteen feature films to date, some of which include “House of Bones,” “MonsterWolf” with Jason London and Robert Picardo, “Maskerade” with Treat Williams and Terry Kiser, “Swampshark” starring Kristy Swanson, D.B. Sweeney and Robert Davi, “WeatherWars” starring Stacey Keach, and “Miami Magma” starring Rachel Hunter and Brad Dourif. In 2011, the firm has filmed “Alien Tornado” starring Jeff Fahey and Kari Wuhrer, and “Haunted High” starring Danny Trejo and M.C. Gainey. The firms’ global distribution partners include leading global television networks such as NBC in the United States, NBC Europe, RAI (Italy), and TV stations in Germany, France, Latin America, Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

The Louisiana based company is now expanding in size and scope, and has orders for another five new films to be shot in the state, including theatrical releases with budgets in excess of ten million dollars.

Mr. Badish is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Owner-President Management Program of the Graduate School of Business Administration at Harvard University.